Wait, What?: Pokemon Pokeball Duct Tape Roses

June 2, 2016


These are 'Nerd Duct Tape Roses' made and sold by Etsy shop QuirkyQrafts. They're made out of duct tape, look like Pokeballs, come in a variety of colors, and start around $17 for a single rose. They're the perfect flower to give somewhoe who's allergic to real flowers and loves Pokemon and duct tape crafts. Alternatively, try making your own. Just don't go duct taping your elbow behind your head like you did last time we were making duct tape crafts or I will be required to give you a purple nurple before getting the tape off. "What's a purple nurple?" I don't know, but I overheard some older kids on the back of the bus talking about it and it sounds like the most terrifying thing in the world. Can nipples really be unscrewed?

Keep going for several more shots.




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