Two Girls Taking A Selfie Statue Causes Outrage In City

June 3, 2016


The city of Sugar Land, Texas recently installed this statue of two girls taking a selfie outside City Hall. And now residents are pissed because 1. it's a shitty piece of art and embarrassing, which it is, and 2. they mistakenly believe it was paid for with taxpayer dollars, which it was not. I dunno, with a name like Sugar Land, you should have gone with a statue of the Lollipop Kingdom. Or a large soda.

"I'm salty [expletive] about that 'selfie' statue in Sugar Land," one man tweeted. "Who approved that s---?"

"I'm embarrassed for everyone," a woman commented on Twitter.

In fact, the selfie statue was part of a 10-piece sculpture collection paid for by a generous resident, according to a press release put out last month by the city, saying that the sculptures were "donated by a Sugar Land resident to the city through the Sugar Land Legacy Foundation." The donor was identified as Samuel Levin. He could not immediately be reached by ABC News for comment.

Paid for by a generous resident, or MADE by a "generous" resident who really just wants his art up all over town. I'm on to you, Samuel Levin! And of course he couldn't immediately be reached for comment, I'm sure he was already hard at work in his studio cranking out more statues to donate. Man, I bet Sugar Land is nothing like what I imagine when I close my eyes and think about it. Please tell me the roads are at least edible.

Thanks to Lindsey P, who wants a picture of herself photobombing these girls' pic. Okay now that is good.

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