Turn A Watermelon Into A Keg With A Watermelon Tap

June 6, 2016


This is the $20 Watermelon Keg Kit. It comes with everything you need to turn a watermelon into a drink-dispensing keg (read: a tap and coring tool). At first I thought it was for drinking the insides of a watermelon, but it's not, it's made for hollowing out a watermelon, filling it with booze (or non-alcoholic fruit punch or queso), and drinking from the watermelon. No word if it also works on pineapples. And, way more importantly, no word if it also works on human heads. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. *stroking pet cobra* Oh shit it bit me I suck at supervillaining I want my old life back.

Hit the jump for a video in case you needed a video about a watermelon keg.



Thanks to Lydia, who informed me she's going to make hot cider and use one of these to serve it in a pumpkin when it gets cold this fall because apparently she's Martha Stewart.

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