Those Googly Eyes Don't Fool Me!: Boston Dynamics' Latest Killbot, SpotMini

June 23, 2016


Just to rub it in our faces that the robot apocalypse is inevitable and near, this is a video DEMONstration of Boston Dymanics' latest killer robot, the 65-pound SpotMini. Now don't be fooled by his googly eyes and diminutive size, this thing will tear your balls (or your boyfriend's or husband's or anybody else's balls that you care about) out of their pouch quicker than you can say, "What are you, some kind of mini space giraffe?" Actually, he could do it even quicker than you could say, "What are," and those are some pretty shitty last words. I have a running joke with a couple of my friends that I want my last words to be "CHOO CHOO" because I actually forget why but I'm sure there was a good reason and now I yell "CHOO CHOO" all the time because I never know when the good Lord is gonna come for me and I'm trying to stack the odds in my favor the best I can. I'm a gambler.

Keep going for the video, including a trip and fall on a banana peel at 1:26. Note to self: load up on banana peels. Also, there's a real vision of the future after the credits. CHOO CHOO.

Thanks to Rob, who told me he wanted one for a pet because apparently a pet rhinoceros isn't dangerous enough.

  • Hazakabammer

    okay, that's fuckin' cool. It fills the dishwasher, that's my only chore around the house- soon I'll be able to do nooothin' at all.

  • Barry Rowlingson

    And *DO* watch it right to the end, past the final credits!

  • Deksam

    When these finally get on the market someday...
    But, like at the end there, they programmed it to play a trick on the guy...
    What happens when one of the many 1000s of programmers gets paid a lot, by persons unknown, to program a secret agenda into it, to act normal until one day it should take a knife and stab stab stab?!

  • The_Wretched

    Or you find your techie girlfriend has hacked it and is using it for robotic adultery.

  • David Shire

    at ~ 2:00 "Ooh it put pants on!"

  • Wiley

    Fuck, we are so fucked
    Replace Googly eyes with chainsaw/katana/tommygun

  • tanya3565

    Awww puppy &​#10084; &​#10084; &​#10084;

  • Ben Richardson

    GW, if this had a green scaly brachiosaurus like skin you'd be all over it.

  • tanya3565

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  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Aw Ben, you're so lucky! A definitely real beautiful woman wants to make you rich!

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