This Wolf Sculpture Is Actually Three Bodypainted Ladies

June 9, 2016


This is a bodypaint sculpture of a wolf created by Italian artist Johannes Stötter with the help of three nude, bodypainted women (previously: his chameleon and frog bodypaint sculptures). Pretty impressive, right? It took me quite some time and a magnifying glass to figure out who was where and what kind of position they were in, but that's just me and I'm not very familiar with the female anatomy. Honestly, I still can't tell what's going on. Is the wolf's eye a nipple? The wolf's eye is a nipple, isn't it?

Keep going for a video of the wolf breaking into its human pieces which is ultra super tame but could be considered NSFW if your boss can't appreciate art and there are some Youtube videos that are actually okay to watch at work while your boss is standing behind you.

Thanks to muggy, who can't wait for a five-lady bear sculpture. Me? I'm holding out for a dozen lady t-rex.

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