This Is Why I'm Fat: Burger King's Deep Fried Mac And Cheese Stuffed Cheetos

June 24, 2016


Because my New Year's resolution to exercise and eat right had to stop somewhere and I'm surprised it managed to go on this long, these are Burger King's new Mac n' Cheetos. They're deep fried mac and cheese bites with a Cheetos exterior. They make the perfect compliment to a triple Whopper with cheese and large fries and a Hershey's pie and a large soda I'll refill at least three times (Doctor Pepper, Coke, Diet Coke, in that order). You think they're TOO cheesy? That was a trick question, there's no such thing as too cheesy. Cheese is hands down my favorite vegetable. "Cheese is not a vegetable." Fruit, whatever, it's delicious.

Thanks to hairless, who once got a paper cut and tried to squirt spray cheese in it to get that deliciousness straight in his bloodstream.

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