This Is Why I'm Diabetic: Donuts On Donuts On A Donut

June 2, 2016


Tomorrow (Friday, June 3rd) is National Donut Day and to celebrate here's the 'Inception Donut' made by the folks at The Cinnamon Snail in New York City. It's donuts on top of donuts on top of a donut although those middle ones look like cookies and the top ones look like Cheerios. *reads more about the donut* Haha, I was right, those ARE sugar cookies and a "Cheerio-type cereal." So they used store brand Cheerios. The donuts are available starting at 11AM (just in time for a healthy lunch) and cost $7 apiece. Cool, but not for me. Personally, I like my donuts the same way I like my belly button: filled with jelly. "Do I even want to know?" Depends on how much you want to a new fetish group I started. "Do you call yourselves the Funkin' Donuts?" Krispy Kremers.

Thanks to James N, who agrees somebody should make a coffee-filled donut so you can get your sugar and caffeine fix at the same time.

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