Survey Determines The Ugliest Color In The World

June 9, 2016


After months of surveys and testing, a recent study conducted by an agency hired by the Australian government has determined that Pantone 448 C (aka 'opaque couché') is the world's ugliest color. Why conduct a study to find the world's ugliest color? To put it on cigarette packaging to discourage people from smoking, of course. Heck yeah, throwing money down the toilet. They should just burn some too.

The new color was adopted for all tobacco packaging along with graphic health warnings. Now, other governments are following suit. The United Kingdom, Ireland and France have all passed "plain packaging" laws as well, using mockups using the same murky color.

First of all, people who want to smoke aren't going to be dissuaded by the color of a pack of cigarettes. Unless the color actually makes you physically ill, it's not going to do anything. Besides, you could just take the cigarettes out of the diarrhea colored box and put them in anything else. Secondly, I actually like this color. Green and brown are my two favorite colors and this is kind of a shit slurry of them. It's kind of relaxing, like being in the forest. Maybe there are a couple of bunnies scampering around. Is that a babbling brook I hear in the distance? I might try to cash in on this new cigarette pack design and start my own tobacco company named Tranquility. Except instead of tobacco my cigarettes will be all dried leaves and grass because my dad makes me do all the yard work.

Thanks to my pal Dave L, who told me the perception of an ugly color is unique to every individual. Right? I think the ugliest color is my face.

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