Steamy!: Couple In Bar Making Out So Hard They Don't Notice The Place Getting Robbed By Masked Gunmen

June 9, 2016


This is some video surveillance footage from a bar in Montana of a couple making out so hard they don't notice when a trio of masked gunmen come in and rob the bartender. They only come up for air after the robbers leave and the bartender hits the alarm. Wow, that must have been some kiss. When I think of a couple kissing at a bar in Montana I think SERIOUS PASSION. I think of a kiss that blows the previous most passionate kiss (Westley and Princess Buttercup's at the end of The Princess Bride) out of the water. That said, I'm pretty sure this couple was in on the robbery. At least that's my guess. I bet they told the robbers right when to come. And I bet they had some secret communication too. Like, if I grab her ass with one hand that means the bartender is holding out and still has money hidden in the register. But if I go in with BOTH hands that means it's time for you guys to scram because we're headed straight to third base and things are about to get real weird in here.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Dan A, who informed me he's spending time in Montana this summer and hopes to locate and shake hands with the passionate couple. I'd wear gloves.

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