Stay Away From Me: Coraline's Other Mother Cosplay

June 27, 2016


These are a couple of shots of artist and cosplayer MissTrisi dressed as Coraline's other mother (Bedlam) from Coraline in her third, creepiest form. Stop motion animation or not, that movie gave me nightmares like the music video for Tool's 'Sober'. Nobody should have a mom that looks like that. Or a dad. I wouldn't even feel comfortable buying potions from a swamp witch that looked like that, and that's saying a lot because everybody knows the uglier the witch, the better the potions. Right? Everybody knows that, right? I'm hear to teach you the stuff your high school teachers failed to. The shit that actually matters.

Keep going for one more shots.


Thanks to becca b, who doesn't want buttons for eyes but would settle for a zipper.

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