Space Bucks: Canadian Mint Releasing Star Trek Coins

June 14, 2016


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the franchise (and to make some money in the process), the Canadian Mint is releasing a line of limited edition Star Trek Original Series coins. The cheapest is a $20 silver coin featuring the Enterprise that you can actually buy at face value. Then four colored Star Trek crew coins each with face value of $10 that sell for $55 apiece. From there there's three coins featuring color scenes from the series and a colored Enterprise coin with a $20 value that sell for $110 each. Lastly, there's a pure cold $200 delta shaped insignia coin selling for $1,300. Please note all these prices are in Canadian dollars, US prices are about 80% cheaper. I want them all. I want them all I want to bury them in a coffee can in my backyard. Then decades from now when I'm old and senile I'll stumble across them with my metal detector and dig them up and be all, "Holy shit, space money!" It will probably be the best thing that ever happens to me in my 80's besides dying.

Keep going for closeups of them all, including a $35 stamp and coin set that was just brought to my attention in case you're more of a combo numismatist/philatelist.






Thanks to Dave, who agrees this may be the closest we ever come to getting to spend space bucks unless Elon Musk really ramps up his game.

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