Show Your Mom: Babies Dressed As Famous Old People

June 23, 2016


Because according to Facebook babies seem to be all the rage with the girls I know, this is a video created by the folks at HelloDenizen of a bunch of babies playing dress-up as famous old people. There's Bob Ross, Queen Elizabeth, Frederick Douglass, Beethoven, Iris Apfel, Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Willie Nelson. They all hold it together for at least a little while, then the wigs and accessories start getting thrown. My favorites were Bob Ross and Willie Nelson. Now those are some babies I would babysit. You know what my favorite part of babysitting is? Getting paid afterwards, there's absolutely nothing good about it otherwise, especially if you accidentally lose a kid.

Keep going for the video while I put out a Craigslist ad hiring old people who are willing to dress like famous babies.

Thanks to Eli, who tried to tell me babies are the future even though they can't talk and poop themselves all the time. Some future!

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