Reporter Tests Glass Bridge In China With Sledgehammer

June 16, 2016


In Hell No Get Me Off This Thing news, this is a video of a BBC news reporter who was invited to try to break an example of the glass panels used to construct the Zhangjiajie bridge at the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China. The bridge, opening to the public this summer, is the longest (430m, ~1,410-feet) and highest (300m, ~984-feet) glass bridge in the world. This stunt was orchestrated to assure tourists that the bridge is safe and no amount of stomping is going to make them fall. Thank God it worked, right? I wonder what would have happened if he'd actually managed to break through the panels. I doubt we'd be watching this video, that's for sure. NOTHING TO SEE HERE, FOLKS, JUST GONNA NEED TO COLLECT ALL YOUR RECORDING DEVICES. Personally, I have no interest in walking across a glass-bottom bridge because I'm deathly afraid of falling to my death. Drowning, sharks and falling to my death -- that's really all I'm afraid of. Oh, and ghosts. *apparition appears* You already had your chance, get out of here! Wait -- grandma?! "You disgrace this family so hard." Oh yeah, that's you alright, what do you want? "I came to tell you -- the money...the money is buried..." Oh shit, go on! "The money is buried..." Spit it out already! "Up your ass." Alright, that's it, back into the light with you.

Keep going for the video while I check my ass for money just in case.

Thanks to NOPE, who said it perfectly.

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