Real Products That Exist: The Short Sleeve Button-Up Darth Vader Armor Shirt

June 15, 2016


This is the I Am Vader Short Sleeve Button-Up shirt available exclusively from ThinkGeek. Wow, they really cornered the market on this hot number! It's a short-sleeve button up shirt that looks like Darth Vader's iconic cybernetic armor and costs $50 no matter if you buy a size small or XXXL. I love it when companies do that, because I'm an XXL and I hate paying $5 or $10 extra just because my shirt needs considerably more fabric to cover my rolls. This is an ourtrage, GOD MADE ME THIS WAY. Just kidding, it was microwavable dinners. Still, this is the perfect shirt for the Star Wars loving dad who wants to show his childrens' friends that, even though he's older, he's still a cool dude. Incidentally, it's also the perfect shirt for the Star Wars loving dad's children who want to be dropped off around the corner from school from now on.

Keep going for a closeup in case the buttons and stitching may affect your purchase decision.


Thanks to DogBark, who's convinced he's going to look so good manning the grill at his next BBQ wearing this thing.

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