Please Don't Touch: Elderly Couple Keeps Touching Clock At Museum, Eventually Knock It Off Wall And Break It

June 8, 2016


Because today is breaking things day (one of my favorite days!), this is a video of an elderly couple who repeatedly touch and try to interact with a James Borden clock sculpture at the National Watch And Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania. And, because those 'DO NOT TOUCH' signs aren't just there to prevent people from having a good time, the clock eventually falls off the wall and breaks. Way to go, old people! Although, to the gray-haired lady's credit, she never actually touched the clock. She was just an accomplice. I can't really give the guy too hard a time though because I am all about touching things at museums. Especially paintings and sculptures with penises. If it's at a museum and has a penis, I'm almost certainly going to touch it, and probably try to take a selfie of myself touching it. I used to rule so hard on school field trips.

Hit the jump for the video, then let's hit up the modern art museum and have the time of our lives.

Thanks again to Dunc, who, for two tips in a row, can come pet my dog. If she bites you though that's on you.

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