One Elon Musk Tweet Hit Samsung For $580-Million

June 9, 2016


A single tweet from Elon Musk clarifying that Tesla is working with Panasonic and not Samsung for its upcoming Tesla Model 3 batteries sent Samsung stock down 8% for a market capitalization loss of almost $580-million. Ouch. Panasonic went up about $800-million and I won't see a penny of it because nobody gives me the insider trading scoop on these things. I could have day-traded myself rich. Instead I day-ate myself into a food coma. Now look at me -- I've got this crazy computer machine and all these tubes keeping me alive. "That's a PS4 and a maze of bendy straws." Pretty cool, right? I can drink chocolate milk in the fridge without getting off the couch.

Thanks to DT, who heard a rumor that Tesla is working closely with Geekologie for its in-car entertainment services, a rumor I can absolutely, 100% confirm at this time. *rubs hands together, waits to get rich*

  • shashi

    ... but any price changes were almost immediately reversed as investors realised this 'insider knowledge' is public knowledge and almost 2 YEARS OLD hence proving that the worlds financial markets are effectively at the mercy of monkeys with keyboards

  • TheDR

    If only we could harness your hand rubbing to create a new source of energy...

  • Time to invest in Samsung. Wait... is that how it works? I just say it out loud and I'm invested right? At least on some level.

  • Geekologie

    Correct you are the majority shareholder now.

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