Oh Wow: Guy Blows A Metroid Vape Cloud

June 2, 2016


This is a video of Instagrammer kingtitusiii blowing a metroid vape cloud. Except it's not actually considered a metroid they call it a jellyfish but I didn't know that because I don't spend all day searching Youtube for vape trick videos, although after watching this I'm certainly tempted to start. Do you think if somebody learned some vape tricks that they could stand on a windless street corner and people would give them money? I'm asking for a friend. Well, technically I'm asking for a roommate who still hasn't given me his rent check yet.

Keep going for the Instragram video as well as a crappier Youtube version in case that one doesn't work.

A video posted by Titus Edwards👑 (@kingtitusiii) on

Thanks to my buddy Dave L, who sent me a picture of his vape which has got to be the most robot penis looking one I've seen yet. Congratulations.

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