Oh Wow: A Set of $5-Million Pistols Made From Meteorite

June 8, 2016


This is the Big Bang Meteorite Pistol Set crafted by Cabot Guns. All parts of the gun were crafted from a 4.5-billion year old meteorite that landed in prehistoric times in what is now Gibeon, Namibia. Because of the meteorite's value, the set is estimated to be worth around $5-million. I don't care what they're made of, that is a lot of money for two pistols. That is not a lot of money for a top-secret fighter jet though, so if you're offering one at that price I am willing to rob a bank and buy it from you. If you're lucky I might even let you be my flight attendant. "Fighter jets don't have flight attendants." PUT THIS SKIRT ON AND BRING ME SOME PEANUTS.

Keep going for several more shots and a video.





Thanks to Dan M, who wants to own a meteorite made out of guns.

  • asdfadfs

    what special properties does the starmetal give you? +3 damage to undead or something? and why does the gun look beat to hell?

  • Dani

    All iron on Earth was forged in the heart of a dying star. Meteorite iron is not much more special.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    These look like what Roland would carry if they had automatics in Gilead.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Cabot Guns is like... a half hour away from me! Fuck sake, I'm gonna send them a resume (can't remember how to accent). I have no machining experience or any experience that would help with what they do.

  • Meh

    Not even impressed.

  • What in the what? They're modeled after the 1911 so I'm going to assume they're both .45's...but they also make .22 LR 1911's so it would be nice to know what caliber they are before I go dropping a month's pay on these things.

    Also I'm really curious what the metal composition actually is. I don't know if I'd trust a firing pin or a barrel made from this stuff.

  • GeneralDisorder

    The meteorite versions appear to both be .45 ACP. The .22 conversion is common because ammo is cheap and I think the firing pin is relatively close to the same place. Although you have to change the slide and barrel (and the firing pin is inside the slide).

  • Matt

    Looks like the barrel is made from something else. the frame, slide, trigger, backstrap, spring pin and stay, sights, safety,and grips all look to be meteorite.

    And it looks like a .45

  • StarChucker

    I want these on the off chance that bullets fired from a gun made from meteorite could possibly kill a superhero. Superheros' foil my plans far too often not to be taken seriously.

  • asdfadfs

    even one time was too many, really

  • Damon Sherman

    soon to be found in a drug-lords arsenal.

  • Juvenal Osegueralopez

    RPG to me this means "Elemental"

  • ToyBoxofGuns

    The way these guns are finished, the metal is going to oxidize like crazy and rust is going to be a significant problem, possibly even in the short term.

    This was a pointless and idiotic use of the material.


    Yea im sure whoever spends 5 million on this wont also invest in some sort of cheap case to control humidity and such. i mean that would just be idiotic

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Yeah, I'm totally willing to bet that they didn't think of that AT ALL before investing in the materials to make these guns.

    Man! What a shock that's going to be right??!!

  • Darren John Haden Ford

    Well mabey for a millon pounds.? Fuck that U.S mickey mouse money.

  • GeneralDisorder

    5000000 US Dollar equals 3470595.40 British Pound

    So you're wrong and also British so you can't have fun guns. I don't know the emoticon for middle finger. So instead you have to imagine I'm flipping you off.

  • Kaizer Chief


  • shashi

    your englishing very good

  • Darren John Haden Ford

    lets face it the world doesn't need these pointless overpriced guns oh.! we did it because we could.I could fuck a cat but it doesn't mean i'm going too.

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    Bullshit. No way you could fuck a cat. Nope.

  • asdfadfs

    I h ave nipples greg. could you milk me?

  • Bling Nye

    For $5 million? I bet you would.

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