Nailed It: Somebody's Custom Metallica License Plate

June 2, 2016


This a shot of somebody who would stop at nothing to get the Metallica license plate of their dreams. Thankfully for them there was no epic quest involved and all they had to do was get a ETALLIC license plate and add a stylized M and A to a piece of paper. Pretty clever. So clever I've been inspired to follow my own heart and finally order a custom ENISJOK license plate from the DMV. "And add a P and an E?" Of course add a P and E, plus a doodle of a little penis with arms and legs smiling and waving to other drivers. Who knows, maybe I'll even give him googly eyes.

Thanks to MadDog 20/20, which they stopped selling at my local beer store because it was too delicious for the neighborhood to handle.

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