My Bedroom Demands One: Glowing Mushroom Lamps

June 1, 2016


This is a gallery of the glowing mushroom lamps made by Japanese designer Yukio Takano. They consist of little LED-lit glass mushroom caps growing on a piece of wood. Unfortunately, Yukio only sells the lamps at local festivals because they're too fragile to ship. Not that I could afford one anyways. Maybe I'll try making my own. Or maybe I won't. Or maybe I'll buy all the supplies and then they'll just sit in the corner taking up room until I stop kidding myself and throw them all away. That's how most of my DIY projects go and now all the birds in my neighborhood hate me because I promised I was going to build a whole bunch of birdhouses two years ago. "And you didn't?" What does this look like to you? "An uncut piece of plywood." Does that answer your question?

Keep going for a bunch more examples.








Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees your cat cannot wait to break this.

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