Mermaid & Dragon Tights With Silicone Scales Attached

June 27, 2016


These are the custom mermaid and dragon tights made and sold by Daniel Struzyna of Etsy shop tinkercast. They have silicone scales attached to "make it look like you're developing a tail." Although to me it looks like you're losing a tail. How much would it suck to be a mermaid and wake up one morning to find your fin scales falling out? You would definitely want to go see the merdoctor for that. Except you know what? You don't have medical insurance because the big-wigs at the seashell factory only hire part-time employees so they don't have to provide benefits. So you're stuck paying out-of-pocket to find out why your tail scales are falling out and you're hoping it's nothing serious but you're stressing out about it because you were *this close* to being able to buy your own pineapple under the sea. Now you might be stuck renting a room in a sunken ship from that slum-lord Aquaman. Or, worse, trading your beautiful hair to Ursula for a scale-restoring spell even though you know that bitch is gonna trick you somehow.

Keep going for a bunch more examples.








Thanks to Cindy M, who's holding out for tights completely covered in scales because nobody's ever gone to bed at night wishing they were a third of a mermaid.

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