Man Spends Days Building Life-Size LEGO Zootopia Statue, Kid Crumbles It As Soon As It Goes On Display

June 1, 2016


Because children, given the opportunity, will ruin everything, these are before and after shots of the Nick Wilde Zootopia LEGO statue built by LEGO builder Zhao (pictured) for a mall in Ningbo, China that was destroyed less than an hour after going on display. Apparently a kid crawled under the ropes and knocked the whole thing over to shatter on the floor. Look what you did you little jerk!

Zhao was as understanding as one could be, saying the child could have no idea how much time, effort and money went into the statue. He also said that the shopping mall employees were somewhat at fault. ShanghaiIst adds that the child's parents apologized, and Zhao said he didn't want any compensation for what happened.

This is exactly why you should keep your kid on a leash. And not a long leash either, a short one. Like maybe two-feet, tops. Actually, make it one. Actually just leave the kid at home with a babysitter. And if that babysitter just so happens to be your kid underneath an overturned laundry basket with a cinderblock on top, well, I turned out fine.

Keep going for a shot of the aftermath.


Thanks to DieselNuts, who agrees guard ropes don't do anything except make people want to be on the other side touching whatever's over there. You should see me at museums.

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