LEGO Releasing Beautiful 1960's Volkswagen Beetle Set

June 15, 2016


LEGO has just announced the August 1st release of set 10252, a 1960's Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle. LEGO previously released a much blockier Beetle set in 2008 (seen HERE), but that one looks like it got beat to shit with a spiked bat (not unlike somebody's nuts laying on a f***ing dresser). The new, much smoother model contains 1,167 pieces, measures 11-inches long, 10-inches tall, 4-inches wide and will retail for $100. My brother has a cherry 1957 oval window bug so I might have to get him this set for his next birthday. I mean, if he's good between now and then. Plus gets me something even more expensive for my birthday that I can return for cash, buy this set, and still have money left over. I'm a practical gift-giver. One time a friend gave me an Applebee's gift card for my birthday and we re-gifted it back and forth to each other for six years straight. Granted I immediately blew all $50 the first time he gave it to me, but he never knew that. I'm sorry you had to find out this way, Dave. About your online girlfriend too. "What about her?!" She's me -- that was my butt. "WHAT?!" Okay let's just focus on the gift card.

Keep going for a bunch more pics from all angles.














Thanks to JD, who wants to build a shrink-ray just so he can shrink himself for an hour and have a photoshoot in a miniature LEGO beetle. Sure, or you could learn Photoshop. Just throwing that out there. Powerful tool.

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