Kickstarter For A Real Game Of Thrones Hodor Door Stop

June 6, 2016


This is the Kickstarter for a real Game Of Thrones 'Hodoor' doorstop. Now I don't watch Game Of Thrones because I'll get grounded if my parents catch me watching anything but Saturday morning cartoons but I do live on the internet so I do understand the reference. $37 will get you a 6-inch Hodoor provided they successful secure licensing rights from HBO. That is a pretty expensive doorstop, especially for a plastic one. They said they'd like to make it metal but that would cost over $500 apiece, presumably because they're 3-D printing these things instead of molding and casting them like they should. Alternatively, make your own design and have it 3-D printed by one of those companies online and make me one while you're at it for giving you the idea. We could even sell them under the radar and make a little profit. Obviously, I will be the silent partner in this business venture. Now, call me and we'll discuss the details. "You didn't answer." SILENT PARTNER.

Thanks to hairless, who tried to tell me all humans will be hairless in the future because of evolution. If I had my way all humans would be skinless and boneless too because of a giant meteor.

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