KFC India Offering Meal Box With Built-In Phone Charger

June 24, 2016


KFCs in Delhi and Mumbai, India are offering 5-in-1 "Watt a Box" meal deals that come with an ultra cheap phone charger integrated into the box. Will that box catch fire and help keep your meal warm? MAYBE.

The power bank claims to have a 6,100mAh battery but the claims fell short during our brief test. We put an iPhone 5s to charge, which gained 17 percent battery after charging for half-an-hour. But the downside was that the power bank was drained during this process. We recharged the power bank to 100 percent and tried to charge a Redmi Note 3. But the power bank ran out of juice again with the phone gaining just 7 percent of charge...

Wow, that sounds awful. Of course who the hell is buying a KFC meal deal because it comes with a phone charger? Nobody, that's who. People don't eat at KFC for phone chargers, people eat at KFC because they stopped caring about themselves a long time ago.

Keep going for a shot of the whole box and a commercial.


Thanks to Tony, who's holding out for a meal deal that comes with a burner phone so you can make prank calls while you eat.

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