I've Been Saying It For Years: Vote Giant Meteor 2016

June 16, 2016


Because I have a special place in my heart for world-destroying giant meteors, this is the $10 'Giant Meteor 2016' political bumper sticker available on Amazon. I know who I'm writing in on the ballot come September! "It's November." I know who I'm writing in on the ballot come November! I'm just praying that if enough of us write in Giant Meteor on the ballot that the universe will take notice and finally send us the candidate we deserve. I'm all The Way Of The Dinosaurs, 2016! We could even throw an End Of The World Party and everything. Don't act like that doesn't at least sound tempting.

Thanks to Jake, who offered to vote for me which I graciously declined because I've already got way more than enough support to win this thing.

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