Italian Judge Rules Alimony Can Be Paid In Pizza

June 2, 2016


An Italian judge recently ruled that a 50-year old pizzeria owner in the Northern Italian city of Padua can pay his wife alimony entirely in pizza. The man, identified only as NT, was required to pay €300 ($~334) monthly as part of a divorce settlement and told his now ex that he would like to pay in pizza. Unsurprisingly, she rejected that idea and took him to court. Personally, I would have been happy with the pizza, but that's just me and I already spend double that on pizza a month anyways. When you don't work out as hard as I do, everyday is a cheat meal day.

Unfortunately for both the mother and child, Judge Chiara Bitozzi ruled in favor of the father and found him not guilty of non-payment of child support. In the ruling, the judge stated that the pizza maker did not earn enough money to make full payments in actual cash, and as such, it was totally acceptable for him to pay for the alimony entirely in pizza.

So like, since I write Geekologie if I got married and divorced do you think I could pay alimony entirely in shoutouts at the end of Geekologie articles? There's some value to that right? "Less than the cash value of a Burger King coupon." Damn. Plan B: fake my death and disappear into a South American jungle where I will meet and marry Indiana Jones.

Thanks to hairless, who doesn't have to wear a hairnet when working in the kitchen.

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