I Wanna Play!: Fallen Power Line Electrifies Swing Set

June 22, 2016


This is a video from Arlington Heights, Illinois of a fallen power line electrifying a metal swing set, as well as the metal fence surrounding the yard. It sparks and tries to set fire to anything it can. I LIKE ITS STYLE. Now if there's one thing I learned from those dubbed-over G.I. Joe PSA's (not including the f-bomb laden pork chop sandwiches which contains enough information in 40-seconds to justify skipping middle school and the first two years of high school), it's you should always try to launch over a downed power line on your bike until a bald man shows up offering complimentary body massages. I'm not sure what you're supposed to do after that, but if it were me I'd already be undressing. Body massages are like $65 around here and I have a lot of tension. Especially in, well...you know. "Your back." Exactly. Not everything around here is about my penis.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to CF, who dared me to try to swing on it which I accepted before being restrained by first responders because a boy can't have any fun.

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