I Liked That: A Bitchin' Metal Zelda Medley

June 29, 2016


Inspired by the trailer for the new Zelda game, this is a video of musician Sbeast performing a sweet bitchin' medley of metal Zelda tunes. There's just something about the music from Zelda games to, I dunno, give you a boner. It's like the music was intentionally composed to make the sweetest, dorkiest love to. You ever made out to the original Zelda overworld theme? It's a transcendental experience. I don't even know what that means but that's how much of an experience it is, it does things to you that I don't even know what are. It's intense. Plus one time my penis shot off and got stuck in the wall.

Keep going for the video, solid Ganon growl at 2:08.

Thanks to Sbeast, who promised to compose me a theme song but not really but please you should.

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