I Feel Sick: Point Of View Footage Of Riding A Cheetah

June 3, 2016


This is the footage from a GoPro strapped to the back of cheetah named Savanna at the Cincinnati Zoo to see what it looks like when a cheetah is running full speed. SPOILER: it looks like motion sickness. As awesome as breeding a gigantic cheetah to ride into battle would be, I just don't think I'd be able to keep my vomit down riding at those speeds. 68 - 75MPH? That is TOO FAST. They've already banned me from riding city buses because I always puke and those things rarely get over 35MPH. I'm a delicate flower. Just kidding I'm a cactus sit on me.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Rob, who tried to tell me he could run faster than a Cheetah which I doubt unless you're talking about Cheetah the fastest runner in Stadium Events for the Nintendo that you had to use the Power Pad for in which case I know you were just slapping the pad with your hands and not really running don't you lie to me.

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