Hipster Levels At Max: Fixie Bike w/ Walking Spider Legs

June 27, 2016


This is the Theo Jansen Strandbeest inspired bicycle built by California art and engineering collective Carv. The bike contains over 450 custom made components and took over 700 man-hours to build. For reference, that is more time and effort than I've put into anything besides sleeping or wishing I was sleeping. Pedaling the bike powers four walking legs in the rear. It's not very efficient, but you will receive insane amounts of hipster street cred for showing up at the coffee shop on this thing. And isn't that what your life is all about? Get me a large cold brew, today's enema day.

Keep going for a handful of shots (including a couple of a chick who can't wait to get to Burning Man) and the whole video.





Thanks to Lizzy, who wants a fixie bike with a smaller fixie bike for a back wheel.

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