Great White Shark Caught Napping On Video For First Time

June 29, 2016


This is the footage of a napping great white shark captured for the first time ever by a robotic submersible. Apparently great white sharks nap-swim against the current with their mouths open. You know the nice thing about being a great white shark is? You don't have to worry about running into anything more dangerous than yourself when you're nap-swimming. Merpeople aren't so lucky. I heard one of Ariel's sister's boyfriends nap-swam straight up a whale's butthole and has never been seen again.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jacky, who agrees it's not polite to film anybody while they're sleeping without their consent. Preferably written.

  • ToyBoxofGuns

    There are actually a couple things a shark could come across that would make it lose its chum, orcas being a prime example.

    Great whites are so terrified of killer whales, that playing killer whale calls makes them flee an area.

  • Clipper44

    I dunno, looks like it's just swimming along like every other shark video I've seen.

  • PUNX

    could emma be napping, so still no definite that she is sleeping. catatonic state, I do that all the time at work and doesn't mean im asleep.

  • iofo61

    Now tip it over. And, that's the story of how the short-lived game of "shark-tipping" began and ended.

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