Giant Gator On Golf Course Gets Jurassic Park Treatment

June 3, 2016


Because this is the internet and the internet will provide given a few days, this is a video of that giant gator on the golf course in Florida spliced into the dinosaur reveal scene from Jurassic Park. It was appropriate. What I wore to work today? Apparently it was inappropriate, even for a casual Friday. "Your shirt says 'TOO DRUNK TO F*CK' upside down." Heck yeah, Dead Kennedys! It's true though, I really am so don't even bother trying to get me excited. "No?" Okay I'm still down to try if you are just no judging if my penis stays mashed potatoes.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Yellow, hands down one of my top three favorite colors along with green and the color of your eyes. Kiss me.

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