Gamer's Super Mario Themed Plumbing Under Sink

June 7, 2016


This is the custom Super Mario themed plumbing job performed by gamer Troy Goho beneath his kitchen sink. Pretty cute. Underneath my kitchen sink? Cockroaches and rotting boards. The sink leaks down there. I've been meaning to call my landlord to get it fixed but I have a situation I need to take care of first. A situation involving a body. "A...dead body?" What? No. It involves my body and putting clothes on it -- I haven't done laundry for weeks so I'm down to just underwear. It's weird spending so much time at home, you get so comfortable sometimes you forget when you're dressed or not. And the rare times I actually do leave the apartment I'll panic after about 20 minutes and look down to see if I remembered to put pants on. It's about 50/50 and I've seen a lot more of those 'NO SHIRT NO SHOES NO SERVICE' signs popping up around the neighborhood with 'NO PANTS' penned in at the top. Whatever, I left my wallet in my pants anyways.

Thanks to Carmen, who has a vision of a Metroid theme under the kitchen sink. Hey, dream big.

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