Fish Accidentally Swims Inside Jellyfish, Takes Control

June 7, 2016


These are a threesome of shots captured by Australian photographer and two first namer Tim Samuel of a fish that accidentally swam into a jellyfish and took control of the jellyfish's direction. Or maybe they're actually staged shots released to promote the upcoming release of Finding Dory. I read an article over the weekend that was urging parents not to give in to their kid's request to own a blue tang (Dory's species) after seeing the movie. Apparently the sale of clownfish skyrocketed after the release of Finding Nemo, and marine biologists are concerned that the movie will have a severe detrimental impact on blue tangs because, unlike clownfish which can be captive bred, blue tangs can't be and are all pulled straight from the ocean. Jesus, who are these parents that agree to set up expensive, experience-required, time-consuming salt-water aquariums just to get a fish from a movie that their kid likes? And doesn't that kid already have a pony anyways? If your kid tells you they want a Dory after watching the movie, here's what you do: tell them that isn't a real kind of fish. By the time they're the wiser they'll have moved on to wanting a puppy anyways. And that's when you tell them that there's actually a global puppy shortage and you'll add your name to the waiting list, but it could be years before a puppy becomes available, possibly not even until they're college-aged. "You should teach parenting seminars." I already do. "And how's that working out for you?" Almost an 80% runaway rate.

Keep going for a couple more shot.



Thanks to Rita, who's convinced SpongeBob and Patrick are somehow behind this.

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