Finally, Fingers Crossed: 72 New Emojis Coming Soon

June 1, 2016


The Unicode Technical Committee (what I wouldn't give to be on that committee!) has announced 72 new emojis scheduled for release with the Unicode 9.0 update later this month. These are the majority of the new ones, but you can see the whole list HERE. I'm just happy they finally added fingers crossed. It looks like my petition and letter writing campaigns finally paid off. I use my time wisely for very important causes if you couldn't tell.

Thanks to DieselNuts, who's pissed a sandwich with the crust cut off didn't make the list.

  • Diogeneticist

    Yay, a pickle! I finally have a vegetable more anatomically suited to me than an eggplant.

  • Prometeo

    They NEED to put a dinosaur emoji. Srsly there's a dragon emoji, why not a dino?

  • ZafKit

    Thank goodness!! Bacon at last. Now I can finally finish my conversations.

  • Helder Cervantes

    Ok but when are we getting the shocker?


  • MustacheHam

    I checked the list, it has a good collection of icons...but there's one important emoticon that is missing....the ham! :(

  • Dano

    Hi tech phones and people basically use cave paintings to communicate. Good job, society.


    Finally, more emoji for Android OEMs to fuck up.

  • Finally! An owl and a burrito. It's about damn time.

  • Michael Wiggins

    oh good; a gorilla, a pregnant lady, and a faceplam. these should come in handy

  • Gorilla sure would have come in handy 2 days ago.

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