Finally, An Automated Laundry Folding Machine For Home

June 7, 2016


This is the Foldimate, an automatic laundry folding machine that can "fold, steam, sanitize, soften and even perfume" your laundry so you don't have to. You just clip up to 13 garments to the exterior hangers, and it sucks them in one by one, works its satanic robot magic inside, and deposits them neatly in a stack below. The company will start taking pre-orders in 2017, and estimates the device will cost between $700 - $850. I dunno, that might be a good deal depending on how important professionally folded clothes are to you. Of course if professionally folded clothes ARE that important to you, you've probably got the kind of high-paying job that makes $700 - $850 seem like a drop in the bucket. Plus a maid that already takes and picks up your dry-cleaning anyways, so why mess with a system that works?

Hit the jump for a promotional video of the it's only a matter of time till somebody tries to get their penis folded.

Thanks to Brianna, who sent me a picture of her laundry folding machine which looks suspiciously like a futon covered in a pile of wrinkly clothes.

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