Finally, A Sausage Fighting Game For Smartphones

June 3, 2016


These are several screenshots and a gameplay video of Sausage Legend, an iOS and Android game recently released by Milkcorp. Gameplay consists of holding a finger on the screen to build up power, then releasing to smack your opponent's wiener. You start off with only a hotdog but gain more meats (with different stats and abilities) and coins to buy more meats by winning fights. Some of the meats aren't even sausages though, because I also saw sushi, fish and chips, bacon and beef jerky doing battle. You know when I was a kid my brother and I used to play this game in real life at barbecues. You just put a hotdog on the end of a fork and swing at each other trying to knock the other's dog off. The loser has to eat their hotdog off the ground. Those were simpler times. Now? These are the end times.

Keep going for several more screenshots and a gameplay video. You can download the game for Apple devices HERE and Android HERE.





Thanks to Lauren, who didn't so much send me this tip as post it on her Twitter. Making me work for my tips.

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