Father Uses Hungry Squirrel To Pull Daughter's Tooth

June 24, 2016


Because why not get Mother Nature involved, this is a video of Montreal father David Freiheit using a hungry squirrel to help pull his daughter's loose tooth. He ties one end of a string of dental floss to her tooth, and the other to a granola bar. When a hungry squirrel came to steal the granola bar, TA-DA, no more tooth. Thankfully they were able to retrieve the tooth before that squirrel buried it like an acorn. You know my dad used a racoon to help pull one of my teeth when I was a kid. Guess how much the Tooth Fairy brought me. "A dollar?" RABIES.

Hit the jump for the video, which is titled 'pulling a tooth using a LIVE SQUIRREL' just so it's clear they didn't use a dead one.

Thanks to n0nentity, who once had a tooth pulled by a monster truck. Wow, you just always have to one-up everybody, don't you?

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