Dreams Do Come True: Finally, A Seven-Person Tricycle

June 20, 2016


This is the seven-person tricycle sold by (who else?) Hammacher Schlemmer. It costs $20,000 plus $650 shipping and handling and makes the perfect gift for the person who has absolutely everything else in the world already. Plus six friends. I just bought two because I have thirteen friends. Just kidding, I have four friends and one of them is a dog and the other three are cats, two of which don't even like me that much. This reminds me of one of those party bikes that's a bar that you pedal and drink beer, except this one doesn't have a bar or any beer, making it infinitely less enjoyable. If I wanted to pedal next to a bunch of other weirdos I'd take a spin class at the gym. Those people are intense. Not as intense as some of the bodybuilders though. I watched this super-huge guy scream at himself in the mirror for like a minute straight in between sets of squats. He seriously made himself cry.

Keep going for a weird-ass video.


Thanks to Gregory, who agrees this thing would look awesome being pedaled at full speed into a volcano.

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