Dinner Time!: Octopus Shaped Pancake Weenie Nuggets

June 14, 2016


This is a recipe from Tastemade for how to make octopus shaped pancake weenie nuggets. They're basically mini corn dogs that look like octopuses but made with pancake batter instead of cornmeal batter. Because if there's one way to get a kid to eat something, it's to make it look like an octopus. I don't think I've ever had a pancake weenie nugget before. I've had a pig in a blanket before but never made with pancake batter, it was always a croissant roll. When I was a kid though I used to love corn dogs but I grew up in Alabama and I think eating so much cornmeal I eventually stopped liking it. You eat a lot of cornmeal growing up in Alabama. A lot of worms too. "Wait, what?" Eventually my uncle stopped taking me on fishing trips because he knew I'd eat all the bait. He was always asking me wouldn't I rather catch and eat a fish and I'd have to remind him that there was never any guarantee we were ever taking a fish home, but the worms were a sure thing. *tapping head* I was a precocious child.

Keep going for a quick video of the octopuses being made.

Thanks to Ashley S, who's hard at work developing a recipe for foot-long Cthulhu fritter.

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