Damn Rich Kids: A Hot Air Balloon Children's Bed

June 27, 2016


This is the limited edition Fantasy Air Balloon bed designed and sold by furniture manufacturer Circu (think circus but without the s or bearded lady). It looks like a hot air balloon and your child is spoiled. You have to contact the company for pricing. That means it costs like a million times more than my life is worth, which, according to my life insurance provider, is so worthless it's uninsurable. If I died now my dog would get nothing but a free meal. So yeah, a round bed in the middle of the room, that's practical. My mattress is in the corner. I like to sleep low to the ground so I don't roll out and hurt myself. Or at least that's what I tell myself because I couldn't afford a bed stand or box spring. The spiders visit me while I sleep and bite me for good luck. "Spider bites aren't good luck." They are if you lie to yourself so you can fall asleep at night.

Keep going for a video of the bed's construction set to the Christmas classic 'Up On The Housetop' despite the fact that bed would never fit in Santa's bag, no matter how magic it is.

Thanks to vishal, who's holding out for a model that actually hangs from the ceiling because why not go the extra mile?

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