Dadada, Really?: Mark Zuckerberg Gets Social Media Accounts Hacked, Password Leaked

June 6, 2016


Mark Zuckerberg got his Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts hacked over the weekend and his password leaked. The password? "Dadada." For reference, that is not a very strong password. My password? BONERPILLGUY6969. I pop those things like Advil, and have been for some time. You know how they tell you to call your doctor if you have an erection lasting over four hours? I should have called nine years ago.

A hacker group called OurMine reportedly took over the billionaire's Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest account on Sunday according to screengrabs of Tweets since removed from Zuckerberg's accounts, which are rarely used by the Facebook mogul.

The group, whose principal Twitter account has since been suspended, then messaged him to say that it had found his password on a LinkedIn database of user details that was leaked online last month. "You were in Linkedin Database with the password 'dadada'!" gloated the hacker on Zuckerberg's Twitter page.

I can't believe you can even have a password so shitty. I used to work for a tech company that made us change our passwords every week and it couldn't contain any recognizable words and had to have numbers and capitals and like 8 special characters in it so I always made my new password by banging my head on the keyboard and then the only way I could remember it was writing it on a Post-It and sticking it to my monitor. And that is how my terminal got hacked and the company ruined. Woopsie.

Thanks to DieselNuts, who agrees the best passwords aren't words at all, they're secret knocks.

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