Cyclops Inspired Helmet With Flamethrowing Eyeballs

June 27, 2016


Because everybody needs a hobby and some people need hobbies that involve fire (myself included), this is a video of the Cyclops inspired flamethrowing mask built by Allen of Youtube channel Sufficiently Advanced. Me? I am not sufficiently advanced, not by any means. I am sufficiently behind. Hey guys, wait for me! But being behind is cool too because, like, from behind you get to check out all the butts in front of you. They come in all shapes and sizes: big butts, little butts, square butts, lumpy butts, butts that are so flat you could probably see the person's butthole without them bending over. That's probably my least favorite kind of butt if we're being honest.

Keep going for the video, and if you could be ready to call 911 that would be great.

Thanks to Doughboy, who has never wanted fire closer to his eyeballs so bad.

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