Creeper Kid Has Stare-Down With ESPN Camera At Baseball Game

June 28, 2016


This is a video of a young creeper having a staring contest with an ESPN camera at a recent TCU (go Horned Frogs!) versus Coastal Carolina (go Chanticleers!?) college baseball game. Apparently he doesn't know that video cameras never blink. Photographic cameras, yes, but only when you push the button. I do admire his tenacity though. I didn't even feel comfortable watching for very long because he's got what are known in the professional psychiatric field as 'I'm gonna kill you eyes.' Twenty bucks says this is what comes out of the TV when the next Ring movie comes out. Just kidding, champ, you're alright in my book. Did you knock any foul balls out of the sky with that laser vision? Give it to me.

Keep going for the video and see if you can beat him.

Thanks to Devon, who challenged me to a staring contest at the bar and won, but only because I have a tear duct problem. My eyes look like raisins.

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