Climber Scales Building Using Two Cordless Vacuums

June 1, 2016


To demonstrate the extreme suckage of their K94SGN cordless vacuum cleaners, LG Korea hired rock climber Sierra Blair-Coyle to scale the exterior of a 140-meter (~460-feet) glass building using the vacuums. When reached for comment about the feat, Spider Man was not impressed because he's actually a jerk in real life.

There were straps connected from her feet to the suction pads so she had a foothold on the sheer surface. LG says that between the climber and the gear, the vacuums had to support 70kg (~154 lb). The vacuums are cordless and powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Obviously, there was also a safety line in case LG's vacuums didn't suck as well as they had anticipated. But if Dyson pays me enough I'll do the same thing with their vacuums and no safety line. And if I die, well, at least I died doing the one thing I'm good at. "Failing?" Failing MISERABLY.

Keep going for the video while I write an email to Dyson.

Thanks to Marcus O, who tried to climb to his roof using two dustbusters and is currently waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

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