Clear Lipstick With Real Flowers Inside That Changes Color On Lips Depending On Temperature And Skin pH

June 23, 2016


This is a new line of $30 Kailijumei jelly lipstick that have gold flakes and real flowers inside. When applied to the lips the lipstick "has a light pink tint that changes colors depending on your temperature and body pH." How about that! It's like a mood ring for your lips except only varying shades of pink. What color are my lips now? "Pink." That means I'm romantic! Just kidding, if my lips were mood rings they would always be black because I'm never not stressed. One time I put on a mood ring and it said I was relaxed and I couldn't believe it because that never happens and I was right because it turned out to not be a mood ring, just a fake sapphire. Did I mention I bite my nails? Or at least I used to when I still had nails. Now I bite my knuckles.

Keep going for several more shots including one of somebody who thinks lipstick is made to be worn on their hand.





Thanks to Trina, who doesn't agree that the best lipstick is the blood of your fallen enemies. Oh yeah? Then what is it, Trina? MAC?

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