Busted: 'My Laptop Is Set Up To Take A Picture After 3 Incorrect Password Attemps'

June 15, 2016


This is the photo that Imgurian pigeonkitty's laptop captured after three unsuccessful password attempts. The culprit? His cat. Or maybe it's a neighbor's cat. Or a stray. It's definitely a cat though. Or is that a honey badger? Man, I set up a program to capture a photo after ONE unsuccessful password attempt because my cats are absolutely ruthless when it comes to hacking into my laptop. And you know what they do once they're in there? Download a bunch of p0rn and leave it right there on the desktop! Crazy, right? But that's totally what happens. My girlfriend finds it really hard to believe too.

Thanks to Stephanie B, who agrees there should be a program that makes your computer self-destruct in the event of your death.

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