Bear Sneaks Up On Woman, Licks The Back Of Her Neck

June 6, 2016


A woman vacationing in North Carolina recently had the shock of a lifetime when a bear snuck up behind her while she was performing outdoor yoga and sniffed her shoulder before licking the back of her neck. Don't worry though, she insists the incident will not prevent her from practicing outdoor yoga in the future. Wow, what a testament to the unfaltering human spirit.

Kristen Jones, who was visiting Lake James from her home in Knoxville, posted photos to Facebook showing a bear she said came up behind her while she was watching the sunrise and doing yoga on the shore of the lake on May 26.

Jones said she initially thought the animal behind her was a neighbor's dog.

"Something sniffed my shoulder, and then I felt something wet along my neck and ear, reached up to pet the dog, felt weird, turned around, and it was not a dog. It was a bear," Jones told WJZY-TV.

"I stumbled backwards into the water and he ran up the hill. So much for finally being off blood pressure medicine," Jones wrote on Facebook.

What a creeper. Who goes around sniffing shoulders and licking necks? That is a dog thing to do. Although maybe the bear was raised by dogs and thinks its a dog. Or maybe it's the wee-bear from Goldilocks seeking revenge. I bet that's what it was. Still, no word if her neck was too hot, too cold or just right.

Keep going for a short video news report.

Thanks to ClosetNerd, who I suspect has several human AND bear skeletons in the back of that closet.

  • Hazakabammer

    I was going to guess by her voice that she was fat.

    Then I saw her, she's a fat feminist looking attention whore. Yoga my ass, she was probably rolling in donut batter, naked in the park screaming "The Patriarchy is trying to oppress me" whilst police officers who really don't want to touch her stand around waiting for her to stop flailing and for the canine unit to arrive.

  • xus

    I really dont belive this story..she doesn't look like a yoga person.

  • WhiteEagle2

    Pics or it didn't happen.

  • TheOtherJK

    hey booboo

  • Andyman7714

    Bear left.

  • Nico Horst

    You have to know if someone is vegan or not, thats why you taste first...

  • Meh

    I bet that bear hasn't heard the news about his monkey friend yet.

  • Chris

    Man, I thought this was going to be an actual video of it. It's just a video of some lady telling the story. She's probably lying anyways. She's obviously lying about doing yoga... Wtf

  • Gave her the old lickeroo

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