Bagpipes The Penguin Gets A New 3-D Printed Foot

June 8, 2016


Bagpipes the penguin lost his foot in 2007 after a run-in with a fisherman's net off the coast of New Zealand. Now he lives at the International Antarctic Centre Christchurch, New Zealand and just recently had a 3-D foot printed for him by design and manufacturing lecturer Don Clucas of the University of Canterbury. I wonder if he can print me an arm cannon.

After his first outing with the new foot Wednesday, Clucas says there are a few more adjustments to be made before it's perfect.

While the foot is made from plastic, he plans to add rubber grips, as well as a better clip to keep the foot on.

Clucas told the foot took about 30 hours to design and make. "The hardest part was scanning his foot because he is quite wriggly," he added.

Keepers at the zoo describe Bagpipes as the center's "resident bad boy" but added that he has a "soft streak".

Ahahahahhaha, Bagpipes the resident bad boy penguin. You know sometimes I wish I was a one-legged bad boy penguin. Other times I wish I was a butterfly. Most often though I wish I was a tank or airplane. I never wish I am who I am though, that's just a waste of a wish. *rubbing magic lamp* I wish things would stay just the way they are! See how ridiculous that sounds? The genie would probably spit in your face and pee on your shoes.

Keep going for a couple before and after shots, as well as a video.




Thanks to Allyson S, who informed me penguins are her favorite animals. I will use this information when picking a birthday card.

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